GOAT Multi-tool + add-on tools

$279 $362

Get GOAT Tools modular multi-tool core + 9 modules (Launch configuration). Includes Combination pliers with wire cutters, main blade, saw, scissors, hobby blade holder, full-size bit-driver, awl, small flathead, 10mm wrench + medium flathead, 2mm allen/hex wrench, and a nylon MOLLE sheath. Plus all the listed add-ons!


Included Items:
  • S35VN Blade
  • Bronze Scraper
  • Metal File
  • Safety Cutter
  • Replacement Wire Cutters
  • 3mm + 5mm Allen / hex wrench
  • Brass Scales
  • Titanium Scales
  • Serrated Blade
  • GOAT Multi-tool
  • Bottle/Can Opener

Customer Reviews

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Georges DIDIER
My review on Youtube

See my video on Youtube (diezelle57 channel). Please explain to me how to reassemble the tools in the handle containing the bit holder (towards the end of the video).


Exceptional quality tool, and the modularity is surprisingly a lot more handy than I had anticipated when I bought it months ago. I liked the idea of being able to easily replace a tool if I broke something more than anything, but I find myself swapping tools our from time to time to suit the tasks I'm doing during a week at work or around the house.

My only gripe is the locking mechanism leaves a bit to be desired. It takes some getting used to and still, after several months of using it, it is a little bit clunky for me personally. It snaps the tools back in place if you don't get it just right and can get tools caught halfway taken off if you aren't focused when using it. Might be just me, but I find it to be a bit clunky. I have no clue how they could make it better, because it's sooo simple to swap tools and holds them in incredibly well, but that's my two cents.

Great multi tool!!

Well the tool has many potentials.. I already took it apart and rebuild it. its super easy.. the tools are very cool I love the bronze scraper and the hoby blade... I don't like the wire cutters and the alen screws for the scales (I don't care about the screws because I will change them.. and that is what makes it great multi tool you can do almost anything you want) I can open one handed and operate most of the tools!
And i thing I am the first who get it in Greece.. I suggest it for sure keep going and make it even better!

Derek Ingalls
Great tool

I was originally a kickstarter and lived the tool when it came to my door. I was curious about durability so I gave mine to a driller, but I couldn't wait and bought myself another one. I had some issues with the new one but the customer service was great and helped me fix the issue. P.S. driller loves the tool and almost everyone has one on that site.

James Bair
No product

Ordered nearly 3 weeks ago. Hasn’t shipped yet. No communication and have been charged for product.