Brass Scales


Brass Scales:

Brass is a beautiful and durable material that will only get better with age. As it is used, the brass will develop a natural patina that will give each tool its own unique look. The patina is a result of the oxidation of the brass, and it is a completely natural process. There is no need to worry about the patina damaging the tool.

Included Items:

Each set of brass scales includes the following:

  • 4 scales (2 per handle)
  • 8 new screws with threadlock pre-applied
  • A spare 2mm allen wrench/hex key


Installing the brass scales is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes. First, remove the old screws from the tool. Next, align the new scales to the tool and tighten the new screws screws. Torque to your desired tension of the internal tools.

Customer Reviews

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Rhys Davis
My thoughts on the Brass scales

Love the idea of these brass scales.But I could not put my on due and alan keys being too tight and stripped them but a well worth it if you can undo your alan keys.

Turpinszky Balázs

Brass Scales

charles young
Brass looks great; needs better tool

The brass scales look perfect on the black finish, however the tool to remove/swap screws didn't even budge the screws and it rounded off. Had to use a driver from my tool kit.

Joscha von Rappard
Stews too tight

I am happy with the tool but I couldn’t attach the brass scales because the screws at the forceps side are so right that I can’t open them. Not with the extra tool and not with the device from the tool. That is a little bit sad because I liked the brass scales very much.

Daniel Howery

Brass Scales