Bit Driver


The GOAT Tools Bit Driver: The Versatile Tool for Any Screw

  • Standard 1/4" bits: These are the most common type of bits and are used for a variety of tasks, such as assembling furniture, fixing appliances, and working on cars.
  • Double ended bits: These bits have two different tips on each end, which makes them ideal for tasks that require different types of screws.
  • Flat 2D bits: Those bits originally designed for that other multi-tool brand fit perfectly into the extra recess in our bit driver for the ultimate adaptability.

The GOAT Tools Bit Driver is made from high-quality materials and features a neodymium magnetic retention. It's also compatible with all GOAT Tools multi-tools, so you can easily swap it out for other tools as needed.

The GOAT Tools Bit Driver is the must-have tool for any DIYer or professional. Order yours today and be prepared for any screw-driving task.